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The rate of evolution of CCTV systems is almost unimaginable.

Just a few years ago, CCTV systems consisted of a camera, a monitor and a video recorder.  Today’s CCTV systems incorporate IP (Internet Protocol), wireless, and other transmission pathways.  Modern NVRs (Network Video Recorders) are in fact computers that allow for a long list of recording and viewing capabilities, video analytics, facial recognition, and integration to other systems.  Modern CCTV systems are capable of being monitored and managed from any location, any device, and any browser.

Systems are now capable of alerting the user when a specified activity occurs and automatically transmitting a video clip and allowing for remote access for review of live and / or captured video.

Multiple cameras from multiple locations can be viewed and managed as if they were all on a single recorder.

Cameras systems are available to provide quality video in the most demanding conditions, such as bright sunlight, total darkness, long distances, 360 degree recording patterns, to perform license plate recognition and recording, and with biometric and video analytical capabilities.

If your organization currently has an outdated CCTV system consisting of big, bulky, hard to manage and poorly performing components, there are many cost-efficient avenues to upgrade to modern technology.  In fact, it is now commonplace to economically implement upgrades by reutilizing existing cabling.

Whether your organization is looking to upgrade an existing analog system, or install a new cloud based or on premises solution, Prosper has the unique ability to, based upon your organizations current requirements, corporate environment, and required future growth path, design, implement, and support an appropriate solution for your business.

Prosper Solutions – has the unique ability to provide clients with solution design, implementation, and support that addresses Physical Security along with IT security and Managed Services.  At Prosper we listen to our clients’ needs and develop solutions based upon cutting edge technologies in the Electronic Security marketplace.

5 Tips for a Secure Building

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Physical security is one of the most critical factors for organizations as they relocate, develop new facilities, and/or ensure existing solutions meet current safety needs.


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