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Security needs have increased, along with demands by image-conscious management for faster visitor registration and more professional-looking badging systems.  

In today’s security conscious and fast paced environment managing visitors, contractors, and other non-credentialed persons in (to name a few examples) corporate lobbies, educational and healthcare facilities, residential and government facilities is more challenging than ever.

Despite today’s need for automated visitor management, in many facilities visitors are still registered using a handwritten paper log. While this method is perceived as quick and easy, it provides virtually no security and leaves and visitor information available for anyone to see.

Visitor registration can be quick and simple and can be performed, in advance via a web portal, at a guard station or using an onsite self-registration kiosk. Upon arrival the photo ID, passport, business card and / or system generated verification email, sent to the preregistered visitor, is scanned, then instantly checks whether the visitor is expected or has been in the facility before and makes sure the visitor is not on a watch list. The visitor’s identification credentials are then imported into the system and stored. These quick and consistent checks ensure that only the right people are allowed on site. If desired the system can take a digital photo or captures the visitor's signature for integration to their identification credentials.

Upon a visitors arrival systems can automatically contact the visitor’s host by email or with real time network messaging to announce the visit. Once the visitor is registered, an individualized badge is generated. Specific visit restrictions may be set, such as clearance level, access area or visit expiry time.

At the end of the visit, visitors can be signed out of the facility on a real-time basis or as a scheduled event. If a visitor does not sign out the system can contact the host and / or security to verify if the visitor has left the site.

Weather your facility’s needs call for a solution that is standalone, offers true real-time integration to access control and/or other systems, is cloud based or on- premises based, is a manned or kiosk solution Prosper has the expertise to assist in the selection, implementation and support of the chosen visitor management system.

Why adopt an automated visitor management system?

  • Enhance the professionalism of the enrollment process and visitor check-in
  • Increase security and meet compliance mandates for the collection and auditing of visitor data.
  • Increase client and visitor satisfaction by reducing the effort and time associated with visitor processioning.
  • Reduce costs related to visitor management and lobby control.
  • Provide additional safeguards by screening against felony and sex offender watch lists.
  • Improve security and safety by, quickly and accurately, identifying who is in a facility.
  • Conduct analysis/reporting on visitor data.

About Prosper – has the unique ability to provide clients with solution design, implementation, and support that addresses Physical Security along with IT security and Managed Services.  At Prosper we listen to our clients’ needs and develop solutions based upon cutting edge technologies in the Electronic Security and IT offerings

5 Tips for a Secure Building

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Physical security is one of the most critical factors for organizations as they relocate, develop new facilities, and/or ensure existing solutions meet current safety needs.


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