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A properly designed Access Control Solution not only manages who goes where (and when), but is capable of acting as the building block to secure an entire facility’s envelope. 

From the moment that a building occupant, visitor, or delivery person arrives at a premise, Access Control Solutions enable the management and monitoring of peoples’ movement while maintaining the security of an entire facility.

Today’s Access Control Solutions provide capabilities such as door control, area/elevator control, anti-pass back, and “two-man rule”.  Systems can be designed to integrate with CCTV, intrusion detection, building controls, visitor management and human resource systems to offer a single platform to manage and monitor activities surrounding and within a single building or campus.  An access control system’s ability to automatically communicate, monitor, and trigger actions in other systems can streamline a facility’s operations.

Cloud Based Based upon advantages of increased functionality and lower cost the physical security industry has started to move to the cloud.  Prosper Solutions not only has hands-on experience with cloud based installation, but due to the expertise of Prosper’s IT Services division we have a true understanding of the nuances of cloud deployments.  For organizations that already have adopted the cloud and SaaS architecture, or those that want to make the move for increased functionality and cost reduction, let Prosper educate you regarding the next generation of cloud based Access Control Solutions.

Today’s market for cloud based physical security systems is amongst one of the fastest growing segment in the industry.  This includes Access Control-as-a-Service (ACaaS), Video Surveillance-as-a-Service (VSaaS).  As a cloud-based service model offers lower capital investment, reduced IT personnel costs, lower energy consumption, scalability, and improved reliability.  Since this functionality is priced per user and requires no additional investments in hardware it is rapidly becoming a viable option for organization of all sizes and markets.

Client Server Based For organizations that prefer traditional client server based architecture, Prosper offers feature rich solutions that offer future growth and the capability, via firmware upgrades, for a simple and cost effective migration to the cloud.

Advanced Access Control Technologies Be it the integration of biometrics, wireless locks, destination dispatch elevator control, manned or unmanned visitor kiosks, turnstiles, CCTV analytics, or building environmental control, Prosper has the experience to provide solutions to our clients unique current and future needs.

Prosper Solutions has the unique ability to provide clients with solution design, implementation, and support that addresses physical security along with IT security and managed services.  At Prosper, we listen to our clients’ needs and develop solutions based on cutting edge technologies in the electronic marketplace.

5 Tips for a Secure Building

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Physical security is one of the most critical factors for organizations as they relocate, develop new facilities, and/or ensure existing solutions meet current safety needs.


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