Don’t let your heart be broken by Cyber Criminals  

  • February 13, 2023
  • 3 Mins Read
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This Valentine’s season, beware of IT heartbreakers. Don’t let your guard down against cybercriminals who are always looking for new ways to exploit vulnerabilities, steal sensitive data and leave you with a broken network and heart. 

Cybercrime is an ever-present threat to businesses, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Cybercriminals see this time of year as yet another opportunity to take advantage of the increased online activity and lower security measures. 

With remote and hybrid work measures becoming commonplace, it is harder than even to monitor corporate security, with previous measures possibly not being secure enough to keep up ever-evolving cyberthreats.  

It is critical that organizations empower their people and support their efforts to learn and apply new cyber skills, both at work and at home. However, only 37% educate workers about best practices for remote working, illustrating a worrying gap in security best practice knowledge for the “new normal” of working. For example, 97% of workers said they have a home Wi-Fi network, but only 60% said their network is password-protected, a major lapse in basic security hygiene. 

The current most common cyber attacks you need to be wary of to ensure your organization emerges from the season unscathed? Phishing scams. 


Phishing scams  

These are the most common type of cyberattack – 90% of all successful data breaches start with a phishing attack. This type of attack typically involves a fake email or website that appears to be from a legitimate source, and is designed to trick the recipient into revealing sensitive information such as login credentials, financial information or personal data. Criminals might send emails posing as a florist, gift shop or even a dating site, asking for personal information or payment. To prevent phishing attacks, companies can educate their employees on how to recognize phishing attempts and to never click on links or enter any sensitive information without verifying the source first, implement email filters to block suspicious messages, and use two-factor authentication for sensitive accounts. 

Overall, companies can prevent IT threats by maintaining a strong security posture, regularly training employees on security best practices, and being proactive about updating software and security measures. A strong password policy is always essential to protect your company from cybercrime. Encourage your employees to use complex passwords and to change them regularly. Two-factor authentication can also provide an extra layer of protection against unauthorized access to sensitive information. 


Don’t be let down by cybercrime

If you’re unsure where your company’s cybersecurity policies and their effectiveness stand, or don’t know where to begin, Prosper Solutions can help. Leveraging over 25 years of expertise, Prosper’s Security Assessment provides clients a uniquely interdisciplinary perspective while developing, implementing, and supporting systems which provide true protection from both physical security and IT threats. We can identify and plug any gaps in your security, with measures that keep your company safe, while saving money. Contact us to find out more.  

Don’t let cybercrime ruin the festive mood. Stay vigilant, educate your employees, and implement strong security measures to protect your company from IT heartbreakers. Happy Valentine’s Day!