12 Days of Christmas – with Prosper Solutions!  

  • December 20, 2022
  • 3 Mins Read
12 Days of Christmas

On the first day of Christmas, Prosper gave to me, a backup of all my data files.

We schedule backups regularly, keep data secure from attacks and easily recover files when needed to help your business continues to run smoothly.


On the second day of Christmas, Prosper gave to me, security patches for all my computers.

Catastrophes can happen at anytime. Take a proactive stance against all threats with Security-as-a-Service to protect your business and its continuity.


On the third day of Christmas, Prosper gave to me, encryption of all my data.

We find hidden gaps and loopholes in your security architecture and catch problems before they occur. Then we work with you on recommended actions to ensure your organizations security is watertight.


On the fourth day of Christmas, Prosper gave to me, hardening of all my passwords.

Many of today’s attacks target whole networks, but there are steps and best practices that can be put in place to help protect your users and networks from cyber-attacks.


On the fifth day of Christmas, Prosper gave to me, blocked SPAM messages.

Spam messages can range from just annoying, to being malicious tools employed by hackers. Prosper’s email spam filtering solutions provide email protection and protect your company against phishing campaigns.


On the sixth day of Christmas, Prosper gave to me, cache cleanup of old files.

When you delete your data you want to ensure its gone for good. When improperly done, a device can be the source of a data leakage and detrimental to your organization’s security.


On the seventh day of Christmas, Prosper gave to me, Multi-Factor Authentication.

According to Microsoft, MFA can block over 99.9 percent of account compromise attacks, By providing an extra barrier and layer of security that makes it incredibly difficult for attackers to get past. Prosper can help you put the steps to protect your company.


On the eighth day of Christmas, Prosper gave to me, stopping hackers hacking.

Leveraging over 25 years of expertise, Prosper’s Security Assessment provides clients a uniquely interdisciplinary perspective while developing, implementing, and supporting systems which provide protection from both physical security and IT threats.


On the nineth day of Christmas, Prosper gave to me, fixing WiFi connections.

 Maintaining, updating and securing a business WiFi network is a full-time job. The team at Prosper has the specialized skill set needed to keep your business running smoothly.


On the tenth day of Christmas, Prosper gave to me, syncing to the clouds.

Get a fully-managed and current cloud solution for a fraction of the cost you are currently paying. Our hosted solutions ensure your company is delivered a secure and efficient computing infrastructure that enables you to focus on the administration of your business and not your IT.


On the eleventh day of Christmas, Prosper gave to me, Prosper geeks managing my network.

Our dedicated team works TOGETHER with you to provide technical solutions that help you achieve your business goals.


On the twelfth day of Christmas, Prosper gave to me, Out of Office reminders for a very merry Prosper New Year.

We’re in this business to help other businesses grow and move forward. It’s as simple as that. No catch, no gimmicks, just experience and best practices that we’ve honed over the years to make our services work for YOUR business needs.


From all of us at Prosper Solutions, seasons greetings and a very happy new year!